Sense of Community at Australian Paramedical College

The Community at Australian Paramedical College

CEO, Pete Evans


The Australian Paramedical College prides itself on its strong sense of community among its students and staff members. Creating a culture of community was important, as some students can feel isolated due to the nature of online study.

One of our successful community measures was creating an online Facebook Forum for our current and past students. This allows students to connect with each other, ask for assistance with their studies or find study buddies in their local area.

This Facebook group also provides motivation for many of our students, who see other students who are graduating or finding jobs in the industry.


While CEO Pete Evans feels like all of our students would be considered ‘success stories’ there are a few who have had to overcome additional challenges to succeed in their studies and in their careers.

In the video above, Pete shares some examples of successful students, one example is a student who has dyslexia who struggled through the course but finished successfully and is now in a thriving pre-hospital career.



Do you want to become a part of the “APC Family”?

Australian Paramedical College offers three pre-hospital emergency health care qualifications:

HLT31115 – Certificate III in Non-emergency Patient Transport
HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care
HLT51015 – Diploma of Paramedical Science

Study online, (we have an app too) and attend clinical workshops in most states.

Career Development Plane - Become a Paramedic - Diploma of Paramedical Science Clinical Workshop

What is your career journey?

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