South Australian Ambulance AMBUS – A Paramedical First

In an Australian first, the South Australian Ambulance Service has taken the issue of patient transport up a notch with the delivery of a huge bus, equipped with the latest technology to save lives.

The new innovation was launched in Adelaide and is hailed as Australia’s first ambulance bus. The bus is well-equipped to transport and treat multiple patients, and has 12 beds, can accommodate an extra 6 patients on stretchers and is fitted with seats for 6 paramedics and support staff.

The 12m long “Ambus”, as it has been called, has immense capacity to be used at major incidents where large volumes of patients require immediate treatment injuries. This is the perfect solution for large-scale events and open-air activities.

The South Australian government said the ‘AMBUS” will allow its paramedics to respond to accidents and disasters with multiple patients in a more efficient manner. It is much more efficient than using multiple ambulances and saves time an resources in the process.

“It’ll give our hardworking paramedics a critical advantage when attending major incidents resulting in multiple causalities, like bushfires and car crashes,” Health Minister Jack Snelling said.

The $750,000 vehicle is well-equipped with highly advanced technology and has enough space for two clinicians in the expansive patient treatment area.
It’s hoped the new “AMBUS” will start a trend in other states, opening up the way for even more opportunities to be part of an innovative and progressive profession.

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