Student Tips – Be Kind To Yourself

Student Study Tips - Be Kind To Yourself



Don’t be so hard on yourself. Online study is not an easy task and requires discipline, which comes with time. When you are feeling overworked, tired and stressed, take time to treat yourself and recharge. You will be amazed how looking after yourself in simple ways can boost productivity. And remember to celebrate your achievements even the small ones.


Celebrating Is Great For Your Mind And Body

Studies have shown that when you celebrate, endorphins are released inside your body providing you with the feeling of happiness and accomplishment. It trains yourself that your success is meaningful and important. Celebrating even the smallest of accomplishments feels great physically and mentally, and prepares you for the next challenge, opportunity or goal. Robbing yourself of this feeling makes your work feel more mundane and trains your brain that you are either not working hard enough or well enough. This leads many individuals to burn out.


Celebrating With Others Or By Yourself

Celebrating doesn’t mean throwing a lavish party every time you complete a small goal. It can be just acknowledging your wins in a diary entry, eating something naughty, having a drink with a close friend or family member or you can expand it into a bigger event if that makes you feel better. Your Cheerleaders would be the perfect people to celebrate with as they have been there with you every step of your journey. Plus you can acknowledge their help to make them feel are happy as you are.


Celebrating Correctly Attracts More Success

Keep the momentum going when celebrating your successes. This doesn’t mean continue partying, this refers to using that positive and happy energy to start your next goal. It helps with positivity and, if celebrating with friends, keeps everyone invested and supporting your next goal and the goals after that. If you keep this mentality going into the workforce you may become a desirable employee with many wanting to work with you because of your positive attitude.

When was the last time you celebrated or acknowledged your accomplishments properly? If it hasn’t been a while, plan a deadline for your next goal or accomplishment, and after its completion, celebrate it.


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