Study Advice Paramedic Students – Being Organised

Study Advice Paramedic Students – Being Organised


An interview on study advice with APC paramedic students

One of the successful attributes to getting anything done in life, is to be organised.

This especially applies to people who have taken the initiative to create a better life for themselves through study.

Being organised and understanding exactly what needs to be done and when, are the basics of a good study plan.

Australian Paramedical Students are an organised lot – we know that because the follow a strict study planner as well as being motivated by an in-house team of student success personnel, trainers and educators.

This is all very well, yet many students have their own was of staying organised and on track to complete their paramedical training in a timely manner.

Study Tip #1

Prepare a roster for yourself. It doesn’t need to be complicated. Use Google calendar and plan your week on your phone. When you have the time, lock it into your study roster and ‘smash it out’.

Study Tip #2

Print out your assignment due dates, stick them in a highly-visible spot (the fridge is always a good one), highlight the assignments and use different colours to indicate what has been done, what needs to be done and what MUST be done this week.

Study Tip #3

If you are a parent, get the kids and whole family on board to help with your normal household activities. Assign tasks to them like washing dishes and doing laundry. This frees you up to have some quiet time to. As in the case of one of studying mum’s, she says “when mum is studying – mum is studying.” – Great advice 😉

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