Study Tips – How to Answer Long Response Assessment Questions

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Learn how to answer long response questions effectively

While studying at APC, you’ll come across assessment tasks that require an extended response of up to 800 words, similar to a short essay, on a topic related to the unit. You won’t find long response questions in every assessment task, but you are likely to come across many throughout your health care study journey.

In this video, you’ll learn our best tips for tackling long response questions that will have you unstuck and smashing those assessments like the champion you were born to be!

Secure your hard work with Auto-save

Firstly, before you start anything, I recommend opening a new word document, name and save it, and copy and paste the question from the assessment pdf.

Turn on the auto-save function in your word processor, it could save you a lot of pain. If you’re using Google docs, it will automatically save as you go, and in Microsoft Word you can switch on auto-save at the very top of the window. Now you have an automatic backup of your long response should anything go wrong!

Interpret the question effectively

Now, before starting your response, be sure you understand exactly what the question is you’re being asked. To find out how to break down a question effectively, watch our other video in this series, called “How to answer short response assessment questions”.

Visualise the word length

My next tip is, before getting too overwhelmed, I like to have a visual idea of just how much info is needed. Like, you don’t want to prepare to run a marathon when all you’ve been asked to do is jog to the pole and back. Right?!

So this is what 200 words looks like.

This is 400 words.

And this is 800 words, of which there are only a few assessment responses of this length at APC.

So now you know how far you gotta run!

Lay out the key points

My next tip is to lay out the key points of your answer as short bullet points.

Depending on the question, three key points will usually do it. When you use an information source, only grab key concepts or phrases, don’t copy over full paragraphs as you’ll need to answer in your own words.

And while you’re there, be sure to grab the webpage address or details of the text to include as a reference at the end of your answer.

Bulk up!

Next, you’ll need to bulk up your response by constructing a paragragh of 1 to 2 sentences around each key point. Make sure to refer to the question to stay on track.

Looking good. Now add an intro, simply stating the topic of the question as a lead in to your points. For the longer responses of around 400 words or more, you should also include a conclusion, which sums up the topic again and your key takeaway points.

Check you have met the word count and remove unnecessary “bulk” if required.

Read your response out loud

Lastly, I recommend you read the question and response out loud, Yes. Full voice. Gather an audience! By hearing it out loud, you can pick up on whether things read well and make sense.

Again, be sure to add a reference for all sources you used and stand back and marvel at your beautiful work.

That’s our best tips on answering long response assessment questions. Good luck!

And remember, a trainer and assessor team member is always on hand should you need further help with assessments.

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