Study Tips Paramedic Students – Taking Breaks

Study Tips for Paramedical Students – Taking Breaks


An interview with paramedical students about their study tips & tricks!

Studying can be like running a marathon. Racing ahead to get to the end as quick as you can. Yet for most people, there is a common feeling that they should be doing more.

Feeling guilty about not studying is something we all wrestle with. But don’t be worried about this – it’s a natural part of learning.

Research has shown that taking regular breaks actually helps with the learning process. Information can take time to sink in, therefore having a break is actually a productive way to approach your studies – especially when learning paramedical concepts.-

Students of the Australian Paramedical College tell us they like to take breaks, step outside and do an activity that is fun and creates joy and a welcome distraction from being face down in the books.

Even when balancing family and work life with study, just knowing every little bit of study is one step towards layering your knowledge of paramedicine. At times, some people can be their toughest critic, yet advice from one of our students sound so familiar.

“If you’ve not done study for a week, don’t get down about it. Put behind you and move on. Next week is another week and it’s time to get back into it” – Great advice 😉

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HLT41115 – Certificate IV in Health Care

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In fact, you’ll make more friends that ever because every student belongs to the APC Facebook forum where everyone is welcome to talk about their learning experiences. This is the perfect spot to learn from others who have studied before you; ask questions; build your knowledge and of course meet up with fellow students in person to study in a supportive environment.

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