The benefits of studying to become a paramedic with your mates

Studying to become a paramedic/emergency health care technician with your mates.

Have you and your friends ever been talking about studying to become a paramedic? What’s stopping you from starting your studues?

You are in a unique position that many people envy.

You will have a friend to lean on when it gets tough, talk to when your confused and celebrate with when you succeed.  You’ll also create more friends than you can imagine when you finally decide to take the plunge and realise ‘you can do this’. Most of the time you’ll be studying online and build your knowledge about how to become an expert at emergency health care. Along the way, you’ll be learning with other students who may live close to you, or they could be in another state. Not forgetting the massive support you’ll get from your trainers and student success team. Everyone you come across at the college, plus your friends make the study journey more enjoyable and less daunting. It could be easier than you ever imagined.

Here are 5 benefits of studying to become a paramedic/basic to advanced life support medic with a mate:

1. Learn faster

Our students collaborate in study groups so you’re able to work together and typically solve some of the learning challenges faster. If one person is struggling with a certain topic, odds are the other person will have a grasp on it and vice versa. If none of you understand you will be able to have a discussion on the topic and work towards a solution. And of course… you’ll always have expert knowledge close by, because your college support team are always there to help and assist when you need it.

2. Getting things done

We’ve all been guilty at some time of sitting in front of a computer and staring straight through it, or somehow finding ourselves scrolling through Facebook when you were meant to be tackling that all-important assignment.

If you’re studying with a buddy you will have more accountability to keep going and get through it. You know you will need to be somewhere at a certain time, or reach an agreed question before your next meet up. This is a great way to move through the learning materials faster than you ever thought possible.

3. See things differently

When you study by yourself, you will almost look at things from your own perspective. This is called a mental model – how you see the world and how you read into what you’re experiencing, then acting on it the only way you know how to.  Studying to become an emergency health care specialist or a paramedic with a friend, will allow you to see things through someone else’s eyes, helping you learn quicker or grasp these new medical concepts differently. By listening to your study friends (and your awesome trainers and support team), asking questions or debating some section of your learning that’s a bit new to you, very quickly you’ll begin to develop your critical thinking skills and have a more wholesome and clear understanding of it.

4. Practice different study skills

By studying with a friend, you will be exposed to a different set of study habits. Maybe you enjoy using revision cards whereas your friend prefers to write things out in long hand. Or you could be a visual learner and your friend an auditory learner. Just like the point above, by mixing it up you will get a fresh perspective on things. 

5. Practice for the ‘Real World’

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Studying to become a paramedic with a friend provides you the perfect opportunity to practice different scenarios and work on your practical skills.

You will also have the opportunity to practice your team work, problem solving and collaboration skills which are vital in the work place.

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