The QAS has the best trained paramedics in Australia

According to Health Minister Lawrence Springborg, Queensland has the best trained paramedics in Australia.

Mr. Springborg said recently, “Queensland has the best trained paramedics and since 2012, better co-ordination between Queensland hospitals and arriving ambulances has reduced the time taken for patient transfer state-wide by 12 minutes.

“The range of specialised QAS services today is greatly enhanced, with successful high-acuity trials, a roll-out of new defibrillators and the use of clot-busting medication just three examples of advanced life-saving techniques now being extended across the service.”

A new era in paramedic training for Queensland

He recently visited one of Brisbane’s busiest ambulance stations in at South Brisbane to see for himself the progress on the roll-out of new, specialised QAS services. Meting officers at the Logan Road ambulance station, he found out that new QAS services and techniques have helped reduce ambulance response times, as well as patient transfer at hospital emergency departments.

Queensland Ambulance Service leading the way

Queensland Ambulance Service are seen as leading the way in developing specialised services and QAS paramedics Trauma Response Teams as well as having been successful in high-acuity trials, a new defibrillator roll-out and the implementation of clot-busting medication. These three examples of advanced life-saving techniques contribute to the vast array of other life-saving programs being rolled out by QAS.

Mr Springborg said the Trauma Response Team is a small group of critical care paramedics who attend severely injured patients in a catchment area west to Ipswich, north to Caboolture and south to Pimpama.

“3 million Queenslanders can now be reached”

Another successful initiative is the Queensland Ambulance Service Trauma Response Team, which covers the Brisbane metro area with a population of some 2.4 million people,  has been extended to reach the Gold Coast where specialist paramedics are given advanced training similar to that which were developed by military medics. The Gold Coast Trauma Response Team paramedics will mean close to 3 million Queenslanders can now be reached.

High-level training for QAS paramedics

The Trauma Response Team paramedics undertake field anaesthesia (life support) as well as providing surgical procedures to the chest. They can also perform diagnostic ultrasounds and administer blood transfusions at the scene of an emergency. Extensive training for QAS paramedics is already underway with senior doctors overseeing simulation exercises in biomedical laboratories as well as high-level ultrasound training.

Another fine example of how the Queensland Ambulance Service is drawing from its pool of skilled medical professionals to create a better medical response team. This type of support from state-run ambulance services sends a signal for those who are already studying to become a paramedic or are well on their way to graduating, that a solid career opportunities lie ahead at QAS.

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