The strangest phone calls ambulance paramedics receive

In this world of the unexpected, an ambulance paramedic’s day can start off quite normally, then it’s a case of ‘believe it or not’.

The events that transpire in the day of a paramedic often start in the dispatch room. The truth behind these calls can be stranger than fiction, and as you would imagine, any good ambulance driver will have a few crazy stories to tell.

In New South Wales a survey, it was revealed that ambulance paramedics responded to 531 bogus ambulance calls in a year – a crime that could of landed the offenders a stay in an little cell for up to three years and a fine of up to $30,600.

The real crime originating from false 000 calls is the threat to the people who are in immediate need of medical assistance. It’s also been reported that the number of downright stupid triple-zero calls coming in on a regular basis are contributing to an increase in the median emergency response time from 9.5 minutes to 10.9 minutes.

“Hi, can I get a pizza delivered?”

In fact, it has been heard that one lazy man dialed 000 and requested an ambulance team come round to his place to help him pick up a pillow.
Imagine being the stressed-out person dealing with that call?

In a separate call, a man, who was suffering insomnia, called for an ambulance because he thought his condition and his desire for sleep was an actual emergency. Now that’s plain idiotic!!

You may not believe this next one…

For some people, having their home phone disconnected means they can only dial triple zero. So what these people do is call triple zero to order a pizza because they can only get through to the emergency number. True!!

“Help, there’s a wild goose loose”

There is also a story of a paramedic attending an emergency call when he found himself being chased around the patient’s front yard by a pet goose called Otis. (and you thought only postmen get chased eh!)

After escaping the goose, he managed to get inside the house only to be set upon by three dogs. After the commotion had subsided and the patient was treated, he left the house only to be chased by a crazy chicken.

So you see, paramedics people have enough to deal with already without being asked to deliver a ‘meatlovers and pepperoni’ pizza.

What are ambulance paramedics actually there for?

Let’s be absolutely clear on this…

Hard-working, harassed, yet professional paramedics are not on call to pick up pillows, talk about your ingrown toenail or deliver a pizza.

They will however, be there in a jiffy if you suspect you may be about to suffer a stroke or heart attack. They’ll be there if you’re losing blood, you’ve had a fall, you’ve broken a bone, or if you’re slipping in and out of consciousness.

You can always count on ambulance paramedics to save lives when needed.

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