A typical busy weekend for Paramedics


Being a Paramedic means being prepared for anything. At a moments notice, they can be called upon to move fast and get to the scene of an emergency, never knowing exactly what lies ahead.

So today, we thought, we would review a run of incidents last weekend around the Toowoomba region in Queensland, incidents that kept Queensland Emergency Services crews very busy.

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Car roll over

For Queensland Ambulance Service officers in Toowoomba, the emergency calls started when the sole occupant of a vehicle rolled on the Drayton Connection Rd at Vale View about 1.15pm. The occupant did manage to escape without much injury, yet Paramedics were still called to assess the patient, whilst firefighters righted the vehicle.

This was beginning of sporadic incidents across the Toowoomba and wider Darling Downs region.

Man pinned under car

In another vehicle incident, one person was taken to hospital with injuries after being pinned under a car early Saturday evening.

Paramedics quickly arrived on scene and transported the patient, who had minor injuries, to Toowoomba Hospital

Two vehicle accident

Yet another vehicle incident kept Ambulance crews busy on Saturday night, where at least one person was assessed by QAS Paramedics at the scene of a two-vehicle crash on the Warrego Hwy about 10km east of Dalby on Saturday night.

Emergency crews were called to the accident about 10.35pm and secured the area as QAS Paramedics assessed the patients.

Once again, and to everyone’s astonishment, the occupants of both vehicles did not require transport to hospital.

Caravan on fire

When reports of a caravan on caught fire reached the emergency dispatch control room, it was not too long before fire crews were on the scene at Actonvale Stud Rd about 11.50am Sunday.

Fortunately, when fire crews arrived on-site, the fire had been extinguished. Queensland Ambulance Paramedics were called in as a precaution, however they were not required to transport any patients to hospital.

Car engulfed in flames

About two hours later Dalby QFES crews were alerted to a report of a smoke gushing from the dashboard of a car at Bowenville about 2pm.

When the crew arrived, the car was completely engulfed in flames. Quick action by the fire fighters meant the fire was extinguished a short time later. Again, QAS Paramedics attended the scene, but there were no reports of any injuries.

Paramedic training for beginners

Despite a busy weekend in just one region of Queensland, Ambulance Paramedics (QAS) had a relatively trauma-free time. Emergency services such as fire, police and ambulance crews often work in teams. Teamwork and communication is a big part of Paramedic training, especially for new Paramedics or for those who are studying to become a paramedic.

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