What is a Mining Paramedic?

Working as a construction, manufacturing and mining paramedic is a very rewarding career path. In a fast-paced and unpredictable environment where every day is different, you will be presented with many challenging cases and injuries with varying external factors that may hinder your treatment plan. Below is a short outline of what to expect when working in this industry.

Site population:

This varies site to site but can reach up to a couple of thousand.

Types of cases you will come across as a mining paramedic:

 These can range from a runny nose to a major trauma. Despite all the training and safety strategies, accidents  still happen – and effective emergency medical response needs to ensure that further injury can be prevented and the injured receives the best possible medical treatment. Cases can include:

  • Asthma
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Diabetic problems
  • Cardiac problems / Cardiac Arrests
  • Seizures
  • Extensive Nausea / Vomiting
  • Drug overdoses
  • Cardiac
  • Minor and major trauma including limb loss.

Industry facts and figures

Over the five years from 2007–08 to 2011–12, 36 Mining workers died from work-related injuries—21 of which involved a vehicle. The total number of deaths equates to 3.84 fatalities per 100 000 workers, which is almost 70% higher than the national rate of 2.29. In addition to this in 2011–12 there were 3365 successful workers’ compensation claims for serious injury or illness. Over the five years from 2007–08 to 2011–12, the Mining industry accounted for 2% of all serious workers’ compensation claims. On average there were 8 claims each day from employees who required one or more weeks off work because of work-related injury or disease.

On site services:

In addition to emergency medical services, an onsite paramedic can also provide drug and alcohol screening, pre-employment screening, retrieval services and health promotion.

How to become a mining paramedic

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest pre-hospital health care training provider in Australia. We are dedicated to providing training of the highest standard for all students who enrol in our training programs. APC offers a Certificate IV in Health Care and a Diploma of Emergency Health Care. Our training programs provide a flexible and affordable pathways for those who wish to work in the private sector or choose to continue their education at university.

Download our ‘How to become a Paramedic’ guide here. 

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