Studying to become a paramedic – What to expect from online paramedic courses

online paramedic courses

Online paramedical training courses allow you to complete your training where it suits you and when you want to study.

With the appropriate guidance from the APC student success team, you will be in complete control of your studies. Whilst it may take a whole lot of self-discipline, we are confident that you have the ability to finish this course. It’s all about committing to the study, holding the vision of your final goal and doing everything you can to achieve the results you desire.

If you’re concerned about studying online paramedic courses, or wish to gain further study advice, below are our answers to a few of the main questions we receive from students at the start of their paramedical studies.

Is the learning platform hard to use?

Not at all – the learning platform we have chosen (Moodle) is easy to navigate and allows you to access the information using a variety of internet-connected devices, desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. At the beginning of enrolment we will familiarise you with the platform to make certain you are confident to use it. If you ever do feel a little confused, you can call your student success team who will always help you find your way.

Can I access it the online course whenever I want?

Yes, ss long as you’re connected to the internet, you can access our learning platform. You’ll enjoy 24/7 access, so it’s perfect for fitting study around your lifestyle and committments.

What if I don’t have internet all of the time?

When enrolled, you simply log in and select the unit or section you are working on. The study materials can also be downloaded and accessed when not connected to the internet. This is a convenient way to take your learning materials with you. Many students print out the materials and learn at their own pace.

The most convenient was to complete an assessment is to connect to your learning portal and answer the questions. Help and assistance is always close by, should you ever need it.

Completing written assessments is relatively straight forward because the assessment can be downloaded, printed out, the answers given, then uploaded in for marking.

How can I make sure I’m a successful student?

When you are studying online you need to ensure you are organised. We suggest that you try to set aside regular times to study each week or month. Remember, our Student Support Team can help you set up a study plan.

Is the entire course online?

Our online paramedical courses, Diploma, Certificate IV and Certificate III are predominantly online-based, except for the clinical workshops and assessments which are held at our training campuses in different locations across Australia.

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