Your ATAR Doesn’t Matter

ATAR score too low for university - paramedical college

Your ATAR Doesn’t Matter

APC can help get you into uni, even if you have a low ATAR.

If your dream of going to uni has been blocked by a lower than expected ATAR, don’t panic. We can show you a proven way to get into university and put a smile on your face.

A low ATAR does not mean you’ll never be able to go to university – it just means you need to rethink how to go about it. Even if you never finished Year 12 at school, we can help 🙂

Firstly, the ATAR has for the most part been an admissions criteria benchmark for university.

A low ATAR score can be difficult to come to terms with at first, especially when you felt like you put in the work to get a good score. It can be very sobering to realise all those years at school has come to this – now what do you do? You could one of those people who are waving friends farewell as they trot off to university and asking yourself, “why didn’t I get that chance?”, “I’m going to miss out on so much by not being allowed to go to uni”.

Plan B

If you are one of the many people who never achieved a good ATAR, or missed out on going to university and you feel like you’re opportunity has passed you by, don’t despair – there is a plan B.

Let’s begin by understanding how training and education pathways are designed.

The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) developed a step-by-step way to progress from Certificate II all the way to degree and beyond. In simple terms, whilst developing your career through continuous training and education programs, you’re given the opportunity to step up to the next level and be awarded credits for what you have previously learned.

What this means to you is an APC Diploma of Emergency Health Care can be used to get into university to study a paramedical science degree; and we can show you just how that is done. Following this pathway means you’ll be well prepared for university by the time you finish the Diploma and have a significant advantage over new students who are only just beginning the degree.

30% credits towards the degree

You can definitely benefit from completing the APC Diploma then going on to university – here’s why;

  • APC Diploma graduates have been credited up to 30% of their degree
  • 7 subjects on average were credited. This can be subject to change as some universities have different entry requirements. We recommend you check with your chosen university before proceeding.

The key areas in which APC students receive credit points were;

  • Paramedic practice/science and clinical skills
  • Anatomy (human body systems) and physiology
  • Drug actions; and
  • Social, cultural, legal issues, ethical awareness

APC is proud to be associated with the following universities that have accepted APC graduates into their degree program;

  • Central Queensland University (CQU) – Bachelor of Paramedic Science
  • Edith Cowan University (ECU) – Bachelor of Science (Paramedical Science)
  • Charles Sturt University (CSU) – Bachelor of Paramedicine
  • University of Tasmania (UTAS)  – Bachelor of Paramedic Practice 53A
  • Victoria University (VU) – Bachelor of Paramedicine

Diploma to Degree Pathways

If you’ve always dreamed of going to university but never had the chance, choosing the APC pathway makes a lot of sense.

  1. You don’t need an amazing OP/ATAR to apply to study at the college.
  2. Many universities in Australia have already accepted (and continue to do so) APC students into the degree programs. Read about the APC Diploma to degree pathway here.
  3. Having completed a Diploma you’re eligible to receive up to 30% credits towards the degree.
  4. Not all universities are equal when it comes time to dish out credits towards a degree, so it pays to know your facts.
  5. You can study online with APC and work through the diploma as fast as you want. There are no restrictions on how fast you complete the course. APC also has an app that makes studying on a smartphone or tablet even easier.
  6. Studying at the college means you get to meet other students via our private Facebook group. We have students who help and support one another, create study groups and even meet up in person. It’s a really big community.
  7. There’s weekly online lectures and webinars to enhance your learning.
  8. This level of training is perfect to build your knowledge so you don’t feel overwhelmed or anxious about studying paramedical concepts.
  9. Your college clinical education staff are available to help whenever you need it.
  10. You get loads of support by phone and via the student help desk.
  11. You can fund your course by paying a deposit and small weekly payments after that. (VET Student loans are not available)
  12. There’s no HECS debt to worry about when studying with the college. By the time you finish the course, you’ll have it paid off in full.
  13. Qualifications are Nationally Recognised and are highly regarded overseas too.
  14. By studying the APC Diploma online, after about 12 months, you can work in the private sector, earn money and keep on studying.

Universities offering the Bachelor of Paramedic Science

If you’d like a list of the universities for future reference, download the list here (PDF).

Information on this page is subject to change and is to be used as a guide only.

Find out how you can get into your dream course by starting a conversation or chat with a person who really cares about your future on 1300 377 741.

About the Australian Paramedical College

The Australian Paramedical College is the largest pre-hospital health care training provider in Australia.

We offer three courses in the health scope:

Our nationally recognised paramedical training programs provide a flexible and affordable pathway to employment in the private sector, or as a stepping stone to university. We offer everyone the opportunity to become a Paramedic/Medic, regardless of their educational background. We believe you should still pursue your goals even if your school or college grades are not where they should be.

We live in an era where anything is possible when you put your mind to it. With advances in technology and learning methodologies, there is no reason why you can not follow your dreams and become a person who can save lives and contribute to the well-being of the community. Apply to study at the College.

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