Becoming an Adventure & Expedition Medic

If you’re passionate about the healthcare industry, have a love of travel and adventure, and thrive on the unexpected, a career as an Adventure and Expedition Medic could be a brilliant option for you. 

What is an Adventure & Expedition Medic?

Adventure or Expedition Medics are specialists in providing pre-hospital emergency care in inhospitable or remote environments.

From climbing Kilimanjaro to entering dangerous territories, Expedition Medics are required to be highly-skilled and adaptable, to be able to provide patient care in complex and demanding situations.

It’s important for an Expedition Medic to get to know and become confident in the environment they will be working in. Beyond treating injuries, your role will often also require you to manage logistics (including patient evacuation), communication and supplies.

As well as the expedition participants, Expedition Medics are responsible for the medical safety of a broader team of guides or expedition leaders and facilitators. This can also include local porters or fixers, so clear communication is a key part of the role.

While challenging and unpredictable, the role of an Adventure or Expedition Medic can be extremely exciting and rewarding, with the chance to see the world alongside diverse and dynamic groups of people.

What industries does an Expedition Medic work in?

Expedition Medics can apply their knowledge and skills to a whole range of industries and environments, including:

  • Tourism: adventure and climbing tours
  • Conservation and sustainability
  • Humanitarian and charity work

Typical job duties of an Adventure and Expedition Medic

The duties and correct course of treatment undertaken by an Expedition Medic will vary significantly based on the type and location of the expedition.

Some duties adventure and expedition medics can encounter include:

  • Monitoring, documenting and treating respiratory changes and illnesses.
  • Treating soft tissue injuries.
  • Strapping sprained ankles.
  • Basic ophthalmology and dentistry.
  • Managing cervical spine fractures.
  • Preventing and treating infection and illness.
  • Intramuscular injection of medicine.
  • Managing frostbite and hypothermia.
Become a qualified Adventure & Expendition Medic

How to become an Adventure & Expedition Medic

Australian Paramedical College can help you build the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to become a confident and capable Expedition Medic.

Generally, you’ll need to hold at least a HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care to become an Adventure or Expedition Medic.

It’s worth noting that for some roles, you may need to have extensive experience and/or qualifications in mountaineering or endurance physiology, for example.

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