Industrial Medic

What is an Industrial Medic?

Industrial medics provide emergency healthcare, primary healthcare, injury prevention and management and health education in a range of remote or isolated industry environments.  

This could be within the energy sector at on or offshore mines, wind farms or other energy sites, on construction sites in remote areas or in large factories or production facilities.

The remote nature of the settings Industrial Medics work in means their work often goes beyond that of a paramedic and can include clinical duties that can range from assessments and history taking, to blood collection and patient transport, as well as treating and preventing injuries and illnesses.

If you have experience of, or an interest in working in industrial and remote environments, a career ensuring the safety and wellbeing of the people working on-site with you could be a hugely rewarding career choice.

Industrial Medics can have different titles, such as:

  • Emergency Services Officer (ESO)
  • Medical Emergency Services Officer (MESO)
  • Site Medic
  • Underground Medic
  • Mine Rescue Medic
  • Emergency Response Coordinator

What industries does an Industrial Medic work in?

Industrial Medics/Paramedics can find work in a whole range of industries, including:

  • power and energy
  • mining and metalliferous (above and underground)
  • offshore oil and gas
  • other resource sectors
  • construction
  • production facilities, warehouses and factories
  • maritime
  • military
  • aviation

Typical job duties of an Industrial Medic

Typical duties you may be required to undertake as an Industrial Medic include: 

  • Injury management: including paperwork, liaising with patients, physiotherapists, doctors and human resources departments.
  • Responding to minor or major on-site injuries and providing medical care.
  • Dealing with chemical exposure.
  • Management of pharmaceuticals and prescription medication.
  • Administer basic life support if necessary.
  • Mental health assessments and recommendations.
  • Respond to vehicle accidents.
  • Blood collection.
  • Undertaking drug and alcohol testing.

Industrial Medic salary

An Industrial Medic can earn $60,000-$100,000 per year.
This amount could increase further depending on the industry you work in, your level of experience, overtime worked in the year and additional allowances.

What it’s really like to be an Industrial Medic

Former nurse and APC student shares what it’s like to work as a fly-in, fly-out medic at a mine site, including the hours she works, duties she undertakes and how she got there.

How to become an Industrial Medic

Australian Paramedical College can help you build the foundational knowledge and practical skills you need to become an Industrial Medic.

Generally, you’ll need to hold at least an HLT41020 – Certificate IV in Health Care to become an an Industrial Medic.

However, the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care could give you a competitive advantage when applying for Industrial Medic roles. Some employers may require you to hold extra qualifications relevant to the environment you’ll be working in.

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