FAQ – How Can I Finance My Training?

There are a few ways to finance your adult education.

  1. Take out a personal loan from a bank
  2. Make small weekly payments via a study payment plan. (available at APC)
  3. Pay for training using your own finances

Quite often, paying for training up-front can be challenging – that’s why we’d like to show you an affordable and simple way to finance your study.

Personal loans can be relatively simple to arrange through your bank and interest payments could be a little less than that of a credit card.

Apply to study via a payment plan whereby you make a deposit, then low weekly or fortnightly repayments.

For more information on financing your training, call 1300 377 741, our course coordinators can help find the perfect solution to suit your needs and budget.

Paramedic pathway training courses

  • HLT31120 – Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport

    in 6-12 months, you can learn how to transport patients via ambulance in a non-emergency setting. Patient Transport Officers will transfer patients between facilities or to and from appointments.

  • HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care

    12-18 months course. Graduate as a Basic Life Support Medic. Jobs in the private sector as an Ambulance Officer, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT), Emergency Patient Transport Officer, Industrial medic (mining, construction, manufacturing, oil & gas).

  • HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care

    18-24 months course. Graduate as a Life Support Medic and work in the private sector in sectors such as mining, oil & gas, construction, manufacturing, hospitality, security and industrial. Emergency medical response support at airports, transport organisations, sea-going vessels, merchant navy are also very popular pathways. The Diploma of Emergency Health Care is also a preferred pathway into university to study a Bachelor or Paramedic Science, which is needed to develop a career as a registered Ambulance Paramedic.

What is your career journey?

To discover how you can become a fully qualified Ambulance Paramedic or Basic/Advanced Life Support Medic, complete a personalised paramedical career development plan.