Paramedic volunteer organisations

Paramedic volunteer organisations

Whether you are a new student or a fully qualified paramedic, the opportunity to offer your skills and experience to charity and not-for-profit organisation can be hard to resist. These sorts of endevours offer immense opportunities for individuals to make a significant contribution to humanitarian projects where financial reward is a low priority.

Here is a comprehensive list of volunteer organisations (state, national and international) that you may consider volunteering with.


Australian Volunteers International.
Australian Volunteers International promotes international volunteer jobs and openings. There are quarterly job alerts, with various roles from education to health. Although a paramedic role is not specifically available, health related options, such as public health educators, should be considered.

United Nations Volunteers (UNV)
United Nation Volunteers is an organisation based in Germany that contributes to worldwide peace through volunteerism. It currently has 8,000+ volunteers working in development assistance and humanitarian efforts.

Global Volunteers
Global Volunteers is an international non-profit organisation based in the USA. It has programs from one to three weeks based in Africa, Asia, Pacific, Europe or North/South and Central America (a total of 21 countries). Students are welcomed, both in groups or individually.


Oxfam Volunteering
Oxfam Australia has offices in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, with a volunteer register of thousands. People over the age of 18 years are welcomed to apply.

Australian Government – AusAID
It has links with the Australian Youth ambassadors for Development (AYAD, a 3 -12 months volunteering program in Asia-Pacific for 18-30 year olds) and Volunteering for International Development from Australia (VIDA, 1 month to 3 year volunteering experiences also in the Asia-Pacific region).

Volunteering Australia
Volunteering Australia, is leading the way in volunteering policy developments in Australia through programs and initiatives such as National Volunteer week and International Volunteer Day.

Go Volunteer
Go Volunteer is an initiative of Volunteering Australia and provides volunteers information according their preferences of organisation and position type and postcode

SEEK Volunteer
SEEK Volunteer provides a useful website that links potential volunteers with not-for-profit organisations in Australia that need volunteers. It uses your preferences to match you to local organisation according to your postcode.

St John Ambulance Australia
St John’s is based in all states and territories; it is also responsible for the Ambulance services in Western Australia and the Northern Territory. Students can become volunteers in First Aid services, and community care. Contact St John Ambulance via phone (1300 360 455).

Australian Capital Territory

Volunteering ACT
Volunteering ACT is a non-for-profit organization that is based in the ACT and designed for people living in the ACT and broader Canberra region.

New South Wales

Volunteering NSW
Volunteering NSW has various volunteer organisations in based in NSW. It has a referral service and school student based volunteering. This website offers local, national and international volunteering opportunities and provides information on training for volunteers.

NSW Government Volunteering Portal
This government website has information including up-to-date policies and strategies, based on volunteering and how to become a volunteer. It also recognises the achievements and work done by volunteers in its annual volunteer awards.

Wesley Mission
Wesley Mission is Christian based organisation located in Sydney and also has volunteer opportunities in central and regional NSW. Wesley offers both individual and group volunteering opportunities.

Northern Territory

Volunteering NT
Volunteering NT, connects volunteer organisations with volunteers looking to help local communities. The current volunteer roles range from meal services to cultural festivals, animal care and sport for competitions and events.

Volunteering South Australia and Northern NT
Volunteering SA and NT, work in collaboration, providing information for volunteers. They also promote training and developments opportunities, advice for volunteers or for those who are looking to become a volunteer.

Department of the Chief Minister in NT
A government based organisation that supports volunteers and the vital work they provide in the community. It has information on where to volunteer, grants and recognition/awards that are available for volunteers in the NT.


Volunteering Queensland
Volunteering QLD is a government-based organisation connecting individuals with their community, through engagement with locally based organisations helping the community. It assists in training and the development of volunteers to assist the broader community.

Get Involved
A QLD government initiative that encourages and supports volunteers to help their local community. It provides easy-to-read information of the different events available for volunteers.

South Australia

Volunteering South Australia and Northern NT
Volunteering SA and NT, work together to provide information about volunteers and also promotes volunteer opportunities. They also deliver training and developments opportunities and advice for volunteers or those looking to become a volunteer.


Volunteering Tasmania
Volunteering Tasmania facilitates volunteering with organisations that help assist and shape the Tasmanian community. It is involved in the recruitment and marketing of volunteers and volunteer programs as well as policies and procedures.


Volunteering Victoria
Volunteering Victoria acknowledges and encourages the work of volunteers in the community. This peak state body provides a useful resource for volunteers (individual and group), managers/coordinators or volunteers and businesses. Youth and student volunteers are welcomed.

Brotherhood of St. Laurence
Brotherhood of St. Laurence currently have individual volunteer programs and students placements, ranging from social work to medicine and everything in between.

Western Australia

Volunteering WA
Volunteering WA is aimed at encouraging and supporting volunteers through various organisations. It also has easy to follow instructions for volunteers and organisations to assist bringing them all together.