APC Partners with Get First Aid

Published 16th October, 2023. 

Australian Paramedical College (APC) is excited to share the news of our most recent partnership with Get First Aid! Offering medical services and support across both NSW and the ACT, this opportunity is directed towards our HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care students, proposing both Clinical Placement and employment prospects.

As we delve into the last quarter of 2023, APC witnessed significant growth within our NSW and ACT communities. Clinical Placement is a pivotal aspect of a student’s studies once they satisfactorily complete the practical aspect of their studies. Placement takes students into real-world scenarios, interacting with real patients before they graduate and secure paid positions within the industry.

Industry partnerships empower us to maintain an active involvement during placement with our students despite not being directly under our guidance. Students gaining valuable experience with esteemed organisations like Get First Aid means they are gaining quality placements through a quality provider which is hugely encouraging for the future of healthcare professionals.

How does this benefit APC’s Cert IV students?

Clinical Placement is essential to a student’s course, but also growth within the industry. APC Trainers and Assessors assess students at our Clinical Workshops in QLD, NSW, VIC, or WA to prepare for placement. These workshops evaluate students’ theoretical knowledge acquired over 10-12 months, covering topics like patient assessment, communication, cardiac arrest, and trauma.

Having this knowledge on hand, students can enter straight into placement upon the completion of their Clinical Workshops. Students who choose to conduct their placement with Get First Aid can expect exposure to both large and small events.

Get First Aid and APC are excited about the future prospect of opening this opportunity to our HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care students. 

What can APC students expect from Clinical Placement and Employment with Get First Aid?

Large or small events of parades, carnivals, corporate events and more, Get First Aid will be there. Get First Aid is equipped with onboard medical capabilities like cardiac monitors, defibrillators, and advanced life support equipment. These enable continuous monitoring and treatment during transit, ensuring optimal patient outcomes. 

Get First Aid currently employ First Responders, Advanced Medics, Senior Advanced Medics and a combination of Registered Nurses and Paramedics. They are committed to ensuring that qualified healthcare professionals are ready at all times.

Who are Get First Aid?

Ryan Deale and his partner, Alison, founded Get First Aid in 2018 in Binalong, NSW. The company has since grown to new heights, with an employee base of 50 and several emergency medical response vehicles. Speaking to Ryan, he shared, “Get First Aid is super excited to partner with APC. We’ve have had quite a few students become employed with Get First Aid…We look forward to seeing students grow and be ready for new opportunities and challenges.”

APC’s Director of Education, Simon Sawyer shared his thoughts on the partnership, advising, “For our Cert IV students aspiring to enter the event medical field, this presents the perfect opportunity. Get First Aid offers the practical experience required to elevate your career, featuring shifts ranging from low to high acuity, all under the direct supervision of skilled healthcare professionals. I’m excited to see our students get on board in both a placement and employment capacity!”

Don’t miss out

If you’re wanting to make the most of APC’s Industry Partnership with Get First Aid, let’s chat! We’re committed to helping you pursue the career of your dreams, whether a full-time worker, parent, high-school student, retiree, or else!

To enquire further about our HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care, click here, or apply for any of APC’s courses here!

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