Paramedics Listed Again as One of Australia’s Most Trusted Professions

Published 10th October, 2023. 

Are you thinking about a career in paramedicine? Well, we have some great news for you. For the last 10+ years, paramedicine has consistently ranked among the most trusted professions in Australia, according to the annual “Readers’ Digest Trusted Brands” survey. From 2003 to 2013, they held the top spot, and since 2014 have consistently sat in the top three, including the most recent ranking in 2021.

This survey has been running for over two decades now, asking the Australian community who they trust most out of all professions. Whilst the list only outlines the top 30 upon its release, it consists of a plethora of professions. Whether individuals work in healthcare, retail, real estate, or any other sector, they are all considered as part of it.

Hear from APC’s Director of Education

This comes as no surprise to Australian Paramedical College, with other caregiving professions taking the top spots. Throughout the last few years, healthcare professionals have been our saving grace, working directly on the frontline throughout the pandemic.

We spoke to APC’s Director of Education, Dr Simon Sawyer on his take on his profession of over 10 years, sharing, “Paramedics have the privilege of caring for your loved ones during some of their most vulnerable moments. We all recognise that trusting a stranger with that responsibility isn’t easy, but it’s essential to our role that the public does trust us. It really helps to know that the public continues to give us the trust we need to do our jobs.”

Simon has been working within Australian Paramedical College for the last 2 years, improving the delivery of our emergency and non-emergency healthcare courses to students. As one of the few Paramedics with formal educational qualifications and experience, and as one of the first Paramedics in the world to earn his PhD in Paramedicine, Simon is now directing his knowledge and experience of paramedicine into the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. Simon further commented, “With trust comes responsibility and as paramedics, you have a lot of responsibility sitting on your shoulders. Whilst it is hard work at times, it’s extremely rewarding. APC is committed to instilling a sense of responsibility in our students and ensuring they understand the significance of it. As a paramedic, building trust with your patient is not just based on your medical knowledge, it also comes down to your individual reliability, sincerity, and integrity. We’re proud to know our APC graduates are well-trained to provide reliable care to the public.”

Most Trusted Professions within Australia.

Image Source: Courier Mail, 2023.

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