2014 Winter Olympics

Paramedic Training: Counter-Terrorism Paramedics at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

The US Takes Paramedic Training Into Their Own Hands The United States, however, has decided to take some security and paramedic measures into their own hands. The firm Global Rescue has been contracted by the US Olympic committee to provide an extra layer of security support and paramedic training to protect the 230 US athletes and their family members. The majority of the personnel that has been deployed to the Sochi Winter Olympic Games possess advanced paramedic training. Their paramedic training is complimented by extensive military experience or involvement in special operations. In some cases they are trained paramedics with counter-terrorism training and experience. Essentially, the United States has deployed counter-terrorism paramedics and service to Sochi to provide critical emergency medical care and evacuation in the event of a terrorist attack. This highlights the growing need for paramedics and advanced paramedic training in areas such as counter-terrorism. Not only is there US personnel with counter-terrorism paramedic training on the ground in Sochi, but they also have a network or aircraft on stand-by to evacuate the injured and all US citizens should the Winter Olympics become a target for terrorist activity. Read More