Certificate in Health Care Ambulance

Certificate IV in Health Care Ambulance is Your Pathway to Paramedics

What Will I Learn in the Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance)? You will learn foundation skills in pre-hospital emergency care. This includes the ability to determine what the patient is suffering from, how to stabilise them and establish a method of treatment. Finally the certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance) will train you in the egress and transportation of patients to the nearest and most appropriate medical facility to further treatment. Becoming a paramedic is by no means an easy thing. However, with the right training, a dedicated work ethic and experience to support your education, you can succeed at reaching the highest level in your paramedic career. Read More

Certificate IV in Healthcare Ambulance (HLT41012): Career Opportunities

Certificate IV in Healthcare Ambulance (HLT41012) - Pathway to an Exciting Career Truly, we are living in a day when many people are looking for a new and exciting career – no longer satisfied with the status quo or content to go to work doing something just for the paycheck at the end of the week. As a result, more and more people are discovering the exciting career opportunities available through the completion of the Certificate IV in Healthcare Ambulance (HLT41012) paramedical course. Read More

Ambulance Paramedic Course

Ambulance Paramedic Course Completing an ambulance paramedic course is the first step to embarking on a secure well-paid career full of action and immense personal satisfaction. A paramedic is one of the most respected professionals in society. The first step to joining their ranks is to consider which ambulance paramedic course is suited to you. Read More