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Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance (HLT60307): Discontinued

Career Scope of the Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance (HLT60307) Course This Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance qualification is applicable to paramedics employed by both State Ambulance services and private emergency care services, equipping them to provide advanced emergency treatment and transport care. Some of the paramedic career titles for those that have the Advanced Diploma of Paramedical Science Ambulance qualification include – Intensive Care (IC) Paramedic, Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance (MICA) Paramedic and Search and Rescue Paramedic. Read More

Become a Paramedic at the Winter Olympics: Training and Common Injuries

Do you know what kind of training is required to become a paramedic to the elite athletes that compete at the Winter Olympic Games? At any Olympic Games there would be hundreds of experienced paramedics employed but the host country or the International Olympic Committee (IOC). This would ensure the safest possible Games experience and adequate medical and emergency staff available to take care of both athletes and spectators alike. Read More

The role of Intensive Care Paramedics in Australia

What are Intensive Care Paramedics? Intensive Care Paramedics or Mobile Intensive Care Ambulance Paramedics are commonly referred to as IC or MICA Paramedics, these highly skilled emergency medical professionals are trained to perform advanced medical procedures that go well beyond that general scope of practice of most paramedics. Often thrust into situations that require extremely complex life-saving procedures, IC and MICA paramedics possess the superior training and expertise to perform such procedures with precision. In many ways they are the ‘Navy Seals’ of the medical profession – highly trained and very experienced. Read More