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Paramedic Courses – Why Are There So Many?

IParamedic Courses – Why So Many? ’m sure you have wondered why there seems to be so many paramedic courses. Here at Australian Paramedical College we understand that. We have spent years improving our paramedic courses to suit the needs of all individuals that have aspirations of a successful paramedic career. Read More

The Expanding Scope of a Qualified Paramedic

Become a "Specialised" Qualified Paramedic There are two main areas of specialisation that you may want to consider after becoming a fully qualified paramedic in Australia. In most cases they require further education and training, along with proven experience as a practicing paramedic. Read More

Become a Fully Qualified Ambulance Paramedic

An ambulance paramedic is more than just first responder. They are the critical link between life and death whenever a medical crisis strikes. It is essential that a fully qualified senior ambulance paramedic has extensive experience in emergency care and the highest training in all forms of paramedicine disciplines. Read More