Are APC’s Courses Centrelink Approved?

Published 19th July, 2023.
At APC, we understand deciding to study is a big commitment. It’s an investment of time, effort and importantly cost! However, choosing to enrol in any of APC’s emergency and non-emergency courses can set you on the path to pursue the career you’ve always wanted. That’s why we ensure you have all the information you need regarding payment assistance at APC before you enrol. 

In this blog we discuss the payment assistance schemes that APC can offer students enrolled into our courses. 

Australian Government Payment Assistance for APC Students

APC is a registered provider with the Australian Government Centrelink Employment Program, so, if you’re asking yourself “what courses are approved by Centrelink”, or “what are approved courses for AUSTUDY/ABSTUDY allowances”,  you’ve come to the right place! 

Students enrolled into APC’s HLT41120 – Certificate IV in Health Care or HLT31120 – Certificate III in Non-Emergency Patient Transport can be eligible for payment assistance from AUSTUDY, ABSTUDY, Youth Allowances,  and Pensioner Education Supplement Payments. 

For a better understanding of these schemes, please keep reading!

What is AUSTUDY?

AUSTUDY is financial assistance that can be offered to students who are studying full-time and over the age of 25.  Students who are studying either the Certificate IV or Certificate III could be eligible for these payments, providing they meet the residence rules, an income test and assets test.

What is ABSTUDY?

ABSTUDY are payments that can be offered to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students enrolled into the Certificate IV or Certificate III course. These can be claimed on school fees, living costs, school materials and more. There are a number of circumstances where these payments can be offered, so long as you meet the appropriate requirements. 

What is Youth Allowance?

If you’re between the ages 18-24, you could be eligible for Youth Allowance whilst enrolled into APC’s Certificate IV or Certificate III course. Ensuring you meet the residence rules and income and assets tests, APC will be more than happy to support students in obtaining these payments. 

What are Pensioner Education Supplement Payments?

There are two types of Pensioner’s Education Supplements that APC’s Certificate IV or Certificate III students can be eligible for. These payments can come through with different rates and are generally paid each fortnight. 

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How do I know if I’m eligible for these schemes?

To confirm your eligibility for these schemes, we encourage you to visit the provided links above before enrolling. Please note that APC are not held liable should you be unable to obtain these payments after enrolling. 

We are here to help support you no matter your financial situation, so please keep reading to learn about our payment plan options if you’re not eligible for one of the abovementioned schemes.

Payment Plans

Another type of payment assistance APC offers students is in the form of a payment plan.

If you’ve spoken to an APC Course Advisor, they may have walked you through the options available for paying for your course. These are:

  1. Upfront payment for your course or;
  2. Via one of our flexible payment plans.

If you haven’t spoken to anyone yet and want more info, why not get in touch to see how we can assist you?

Applying for a payment plan with APC is easy. APC will request students to make a deposit of their choice and then sign up for their repayments. As a student, you can choose to make payments either weekly or fortnightly and designate the account where the funds will be collected. Payment plans can be structured to cover the duration of the course or, customised to run over a shortened timeframe. This flexibility allows students to choose a payment schedule that aligns with their financial situation and preferences. 

APC offers payment plans on all our courses, inclusive of the HLT51020 – Diploma of Emergency Health Care (formerly known as Diploma of Paramedical Science). 

Wanting to know how to apply with APC?

You always need to have goals to work towards, no matter how big or small they are. For some, it is walking away with a certificate that allows them to upskill within the workplace. For others, it may be changing their career entirely and transitioning to healthcare. No matter who you are, we’re here to support you!

Learn more about career pathways APC can assist you in pursuing here, or chat with us directly by enquiring today

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