FAQ- Do I get allocated my own trainer?

At the College we have 5 trainers who are themselves fully qualified and highly experienced paramedics with many years of service in diverse and challenging industries.

Although we do keep the student to trainer ratio low, there is always the opportunity for students to get to know many of the trainers.

As you study, your assessments will be marked by one paramedic and we do our best to keep this relationship going as you complete the course. This is really helpful to you because you get to form a tight relationship with your trainer – something we feel is important throughout your entire paramedical training journey.

As students progress from Cert IV to Diploma for instance, advanced paramedic trainers may become your one point of call when you need assistance.

The great thing about all of this is you get to meet all of the trainers when attending the 2 week practical workshops. You get to hang out with them, ask questions and tap into their wealth of knowledge – this is simply invaluable to trainee paramedics.

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