Supporting Students with Neurodiverse Needs 

Published 22nd November, 2023. 

We are excited to share Australian Paramedical College (APC) has recently connected with Spencer Health, aiming to help support students with neurodiverse needs. 

At APC we are passionate about delivering quality education to students of all backgrounds and abilities with a goal of making learning accessible for everyone. To help achieve this, APC places a strong emphasis on fostering a supportive environment which is facilitated by our dedicated Trainers & Assessors and Student Success Team whose genuine commitment to helping students throughout their entire study journey is of the highest priority.  

By collaborating with Spencer Health, we’re able to extend this level of care to an even wider group by giving students who experience difficulty studying a clear pathway to access the support they need.  

In this blog you will learn about ADHD and Autism Coaching services available through Spencer Health, and the types of support offered as part of the service suited to each individual’s specific needs.  

About Spencer Health

Spencer Health offers a range of therapies and evidence-based treatments for children, adolescents, adults and families to help provide assessments to assist people with cognitive challenges, learning difficulties and more.  

They specialise in providing ADHD and Autism assessments via Telehealth or face to face to ensure appointments are easily accessible for all. 


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ADHD and Autism Coaching Services at Spencer Health 

Spencer Health offers specialised ADHD and Autism Coaching provided by experienced psychologists who are dedicated to supporting individuals with lived experiences related to ADHD and Autistic brain differences. They provide coaching support along with strategies and insights into mental health challenges that often accompany neurodiversity.  

The coaching process is collaborative, offering guidance and practical strategies to facilitate lasting changes in one’s life. 

What to Expect in a Session:

Sessions offered by Spencer Health are highly individualised and centered around the specific goals set by the individual, including: 

  • Study skills and homework support 
  • Organisational skills and time management 
  • Job seeking support and career guidance 
  • Relationship support 
  • Understanding and developing identity 
  • Changing unhelpful thinking patterns related to neurodiversity 
  • Self-acceptance and improved confidence 
  • Communication and socialisation skills 
  • Parenting support strategies 
  • Relationship support for partners 

Accessing Coaching Services

For students interested in accessing ADHD and Autism Coaching, please follow these steps: 

  • Speak with a GP about obtaining a Mental Health Care Plan. 
  • Contact Spencer Health to book a session with their clinicians via email at [email protected] or phone at 02 9960 1222 
  • The intake team at Spencer Health will discuss individual needs and allocate an appropriate clinician based on availability. Coaching services are available face to face and online via Zoom. 
  • Upon booking, students will receive a welcome email with relevant paperwork and a text reminder 48 hours before the appointment. 

Understanding Costs and Medicare Rebates:

A Mental Health Care Plan can provide a rebate for sessions with the psychologists at Spencer Health, although there can be an out-of-pocket expense of approximately $130 per session. 

If you have any questions about pricing or rebates, we encourage you to get in touch with Spencer Health directly. 

Looking to the future

APC is delighted to be partnering with Spencer Health to provide important support to all students wishing to start a career in prehospital healthcare.  

We look forward to continuing to work together to ensure our students receive a quality education with more exciting initiatives planned for the future as part of this collaboration. 

If you’re not part of our community already and would like to learn more about the courses we offer, you can find more information below: 

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