Become a Paramedic in NSW

The New Disturbing Danger Associated with Becoming a Paramedic in NSW

Danger is Part and Parcel of Becoming a Paramedic in NSW No one could have guessed that one of the greatest threats involved in becoming a paramedic in NSW would come from the patients they are treating. An alarming new report has revealed that in 2014 alone there have been 35 reported attacks on 47 paramedics – most coming from their patients. Every paramedic is aware of the many dangerous situations that they will inevitably find themselves in when attending to emergencies of all kinds. Paramedics are trained to respond with courage and compassion, even when there is a danger or risk associated with providing the medical care that their patients need. Many would say that personal risk and danger is part and parcel of becoming a paramedic in NSW. Recent events, however, have raised the alarm within this highly respected emergency medical industry. Within the space of 24 hours 3 paramedics were allegedly assaulted while trying to carry out their duties. Read More

Become a Paramedic in NSW: Part 2

It is no secret that there has been a growing interest in learning how to become a paramedic in NSW over the last few years. In a follow on to a previous article on How to Become a Paramedic in NSW: Influencing Factors Part 1, we are going to identify some of the determining reasons why the paramedic career is becoming so popular in NSW. The NSW Ambulance Service is the third largest ambulance service in the world, and as a result, they are receiving hundreds of employment enquirers each year. Let’s take a look at some of the driving factors that are behind this trend and more reasons why so many people want to learn how to become a paramedic in NSW. Read More