Paramedic NSW

Become a Paramedic in NSW: Part 1

How to Become A Paramedic in NSW: An Action-packed Career When you spend more of your waking life at your workplace than anywhere else, the last thing you want that place to be is boring. When work becomes mundane and uneventful you can be guaranteed that you will become miserable at work. One of the main reasons why people want to know how to become a paramedic in NSW is because each day is never the same. A paramedic career is action-packed. Every day you will feel the adrenaline rush or serving in emergency situations. Even when you are called to non-urgent incidents, you are always going somewhere new. The office where you work is never the same – it could be attending to a broken arm at a football field; helping a burns victim in someone’s backyard; providing cardiac support to a shopping centre customer; or a extricating someone from a car that was in a collision. There is just no guessing what your work will entail or where you might go on any given day. Now that sounds like an exciting career. Read More

Paramedic Training – Can You Work Anywhere in Australia?

Can My Paramedic Training Enable Me to Work Across State Boundaries? One of the current challenges within the paramedic training industry is the ambiguity that exists when it comes to working across state boundaries. As it stands, each state ambulance service has its own accreditation and paramedic training requirements in order to be a fully licenced and qualified paramedic. At the surface level, this can become disheartening to those that have invested a lot of time and money into paramedic training only to find out that their highly skilled experience and paramedic qualifications may not be enough to get them a job. However, is this actually the case? Is it possible that your paramedic training can cross state boundaries? Below you will find the answers to this and other unique paramedic training dilemmas and the keys to successfully navigating yourself around these “seeming” restrictions. Read More