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Here’s how it works
You will be enrolling ‘for real’ in our online platform for the Certificate IV in Health Care (Ambulance) course and completing one unit of the 19 units that make up the course.
There is no obligation whatsoever to continue on with the full qualification; that is completely up to you.
HLTAMBFC301D – Communicate with clients and colleagues to support health care.
Jump in and give it a go!
At the Australian Paramedical College we believe a lot of people have a strong desire to become a paramedic, yet they are uncertain of what is actually involved.
The consequences of this is they never get to realise their dream of becoming a paramedic. Although, becoming a paramedic does involve a lot of study, it’s true to say, after completing the Cert IV in Health Care you have a solid handle on medical study and you are employable.
Many private companies, not-for-profit organisations and medical/health industry sectors employ Cert IV in Health Care qualified people.
The responsibilities of a Cert IV level paramedic are not those of a degree-qualified paramedic. However; you could be employed as a qualified medical worker who has the training, knowledge, skills and confidence to attend an accident scene and administer basic medical care until emergency response paramedics arrive.
Getting started
If you want to take the plunge and see what the online course is like, here’s how to get started
Fill out the form at the bottom of this page.
You will receive an email from us with details of how to pay on PayPal. The trial is just $47.
Once payment has been made, you’ll receive an email from us with your log-in details.
Log-in to the training website and start immediately on the unit HLTAMBFC301D – Communicate with clients and colleagues to support health care.
The learning material is contained in the online system.
Compete the assessments. Pass the course and you will receive an official Statement of Attainment for this unit.
A paramedic trainer is available
Whilst the delivery of this course is online and is self-paced, a trainer is available to assist you should you need any help. Your can contact your trainer by email or via the online training website.
This is a good opportunity if you are thinking a career as a paramedic is something you have always wanted to do. The trial will introduce you to some basic medical terminology and make you realise just what is involved in the basics of effective communication.